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The 5 Day Pouch Test Owner's Manual - 2nd Edition
List Price: $24.95
Sale Price: $19.95

5DPT Scholar Bundle
List Price: $37.95
Sale Price: $29.95

Day 6: Beyond the 5 Day Pouch Test
List Price: $24.95
Sale Price: $19.95

The complete highly acclaimed 5 Day Pouch Test plan including 60 delectable recipes, helpful hints, inspiration to take you back to the basics of weight loss surgery.

  • The complete plan backed by science & real world application.
  • Sound dietary practices to achieve & sustain weight loss.
  • Inspired motivation, generous kindness & encouragement galore.
  • Proven effective for all current & past bariatric procedures.
For the scholar in you! Our 5 Day Pouch Test Scholar Bundle includes the highly acclaimed bestseller by Kaye Bailey "5 Day Pouch Test Owner's Manual" and the condensed CliffsNotes(TM)-style version "5DPT Express Study Guide" by Kaye. Over 250 pages of knowledge, plan details, dietary and behavior modification tips, delectable recipes, and common-sense wisdom for you to put in practice. Just for fun we've added enough 5DPT Worksheets and a Deluxe Goody Bag to make your 5DPT experience the launchpad for unprecedented weight loss success.

This limited-time bundle is yours for $29.95! Save $8 off list price and get back on track today! Enjoy beautifully packaged orders shipped super fast direct to you!
Follow the 5 Day Pouch Test with Day 6 for continued effective weight loss and weight management with weight loss surgery. Recipes, techniques, examples, and inspiration for healthy weight management after WLS.